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Eventide Staff

Hey bsfreq,

I can respond to the Emote requests.

bsfreq wrote:

1 – Copy / paste (replace) algorithm while preserving routings. (cmd+c / cmd+v, or drag and drop with mouse while holding the alt-button on Mac OS)

Agreed, that'd be good. I put this request in our system, hopefully we can address it in a future release.


bsfreq wrote:

2 – Undo / redo function (cmd+z / cmd+shift+z).

This would be wonderfully useful, but it unfortunately tricky to implement due to the way Emote is set up. I've got it on the back burner though, and hope to implement it eventually.


bsfreq wrote:

Thanks for all your work! I hope you’ll be able to release some updates soon. We’re all here patiently waiting. 😉

Still forging ahead!