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John Baylies wrote:

woops, I think that image of my Dante Controller setup broke the forum… I’ll upload it as an attachment instead.

In ‘dante routing.jpg’ you can see that Ableton output 15/16 goes to H9000 input 11/12, and H9000 output 1/2/3/4 goes to Ableton input 1/2/3/4.

To get that routing working with a single FX Chain in Emote, it would look like this:


I have Emote working in Logic and as the standalone app, since that all is using Dante Virtual Soundcard as the outputs.  Unfortunately, my whole plan was to use Emote in Pro Tools and I have an HDX2 system along with the MTRX Studio.  I have the MTRX Studio and the H9000R routed to each other in Dante Controller. I have Emote showing there is signal flowing in and out of the H9000R, but no audio output from the H9000R(Photo attached).  When I check out the Device Info in Dante Controller, it shows MTRX Studio receiving signal on channels 49-50, which is how I have it routed, but as you can see in the attached photo, there is a “no audio” indicator for all the H9000R to MTRX Studio channels (Same goes for the opposite MTRX to H9000R channels).  It’s more than a bit confusing, to be honest.  I don’t know if this is a Pro Tools issue, a MTRX Studio/Dante/DADman thing or what (Maybe even operator error if I am missing something simple?).  As I said, it works fine in Logic, but that uses Dante Virtual Soundcard for it’s output.  PT uses the HDX/Digilink as it’s output and the MTRX Studio adds a whole additional layer of confusion with it’s Dante abilities.  I’ve tried to simply use USB, but that’s not working, either.  Emote keeps telling me the sample rate is mismatched when I connect the H9000R via USB, which is ridiculous, since I’ve set everything I have to 48 from the get go.