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donrwatters wrote:
You can certainly use any Dante channel on the MTRX Studio to or from the H9000R. You need to route the H9000R in Dante Controller to the MTRX Studio. Then, in DADman route the inputs from Dante to the MTRX Studio paths that you want to patch from Dante. This is my main I/O as part of my setup. I have a ton of Dante around my studio and I can patch from anywhere to anywhere. The key is to start with Dante Controller and then go and patch whatever you need to in DADman.

Yup, finally figured that stuff out.  DADman is a little wonky until you get used to it.  There’s not a lot of useful documentation out there or good tutorials for DADman or Dante Controller, unfortunately.  But finally figured it out.  Some corrective actions had to be taken in Dante Controller that I was unaware of, but once that was fixed, it started to flow smoothly with the patching in DADman.  Had no problems getting it to work with Logic and Dante Virtual Soundcard, though.  Pro Tools is it’s own animal, I guess..