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I cut a hole in both sides of the rack to allow cross-ventilation.  The unit is much cooler now.  There just was no way around it if I was going to keep the unit in a commercial, standard, non-custom rack.

However, I am still awaiting an answer from Support on the thermal tolerances of the unit.  Is it actually safe to have it in a rack with effectively zero side clearance for ventilation?  If the answer is ‘no’….what portable racks do they recommend?  I have racks by two different manufacturers here…and both are designed so that there would be very little clearance.  Likewise…the traditional plywood-type road cases would effectively block the air intake / exit holes as well.  If the unit MUST be racked in a padded case that has extra clearance on the sides….this kind of info should be in the manual.  There is no thermal info in the manual I can find…and the only mention of ‘temperature’ I can locate is a disclaimer that the unit will not be covered under warranty if ‘exposed’ to dangerously high temperatures.  If the unit ‘generates’ excessive temperatures due to ventilation, and fails accordingly, is it not covered under warranty?  Sorry to be pedantic with the questions…but it would be helpful to get some real answers.  Thanks!