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Matthias Adloff

Hi Nick,

thank you for the quick response. Using the sampler on DSP B is a safe thing. No crackles. It seems that you need to have at least two diffusor modules running before the issue appears. Therefore I guess it’s the weak DSP A that you mentioned. 

In the end this is very sad news to me. The unit has been for repair/revision at Eventide in 2010, and was sent back with the comment that no error could be found. So I blamed the crackling on a bad A/C power line or some errors in the ADAT lightpipes or with the clock. And I simply “forgot” this error since in my daily studio work I always had 3B X-OVER HALL loaded in DSP B. With this preset, the crackling will not appear no matter what I load into the other DSP. 

Last week I tested the unit after all those years in order to make it ready for being shipped. I already had a buyer for a good, but reasonable price. Now, I have to give a great discount. I will not make those prices public here, but if you’re interested, just drop me a note. After all, I’m loosing about almost a grand for that weak DSPA. Which could have been replaced without problems at Eventide in 2010 and was a KNOWN problem, right?

My plan was to buy a brand new H9000R as a replacement for both my (sold) Orville and my H8000FW right now, but this will not work anymore. This is the saddest of it all: Always loved Eventide for their FX quality, which is unparalled.