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jbamberg wrote:
Kamurah wrote:

Hello?  Mic check.  Is this thing on?

Still waiting for an answer from Eventide.

Yes, it’s on.

The short answer is that there is no specific guidance on thermal limits, nor is there any thermal cut-out in the event of overheating.  We selected the case, fan and heatsink design to cope with most conditions we would anticipate for a rack unit.  I realize that’s vague, so we have been working on a more rigorous solution.

The new beta (1.3) is able to monitor the temperature of the DSPs.  However, we still need to implement a thermal fail-safe mechanism.  We are also planning to use the same mechanism to regulate the fan speed to make it quieter in less adverse conditions.  These features will be rolled out after 1.3 hits production.



Thank you for the honest and forthright reply.  I understand the reason behind the imprecise answer, and it is nonetheless much appreciated.  It would be helpful if the release documentation for 1.3 includes some guidelines as to safe operating temperatures for the DSP, since we will be able to monitor DSP thermals.

Hope you understand….I love my baby…and don’t want to put her at risk!

Thank you again