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taylor12k wrote:

i’ve got an h9000r and am about to upgrade my main audio interface to a Lynx Aurora(n) which will have 8 AES ins and outs. seems like a pretty perfect marriage to the h9000’s bank of 8 AES….

i use the h9000 now simply via a single analog connection to an aux on my console, but i’m thinking i’ll probably now configure those AES ports as i/o in pro tools so i can run tracks out to the 9000 and back to PT..


wondering if anyone else has creative uses for the AES or something i’m not thinking about..




Do you have an HDX setup for Pro Tools?  I just ordered the PT Expansion card that Eventide just announced.  I already have a Dante expansion card, also.  They both give you 32 channels, so it will give you a LOT more I/O in addition to that AES I/o.  Or you can free up that AES I/o for processing some other hardware!  Which is what I am planning on doing