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jbamberg wrote:
Edgar9001 wrote:

Good morning …..again all data lost after switching on my device…this time a backed up all data on the USB drive.

Well, must be a battery issue maybe within the H9000? Any help please gladly appreciated…

Sorry you have had this problem.  This is most likely not an issue with the battery.  It is probably that the persistent filesystem got corrupted somehow.  Please could you try a full factory reset – power on the H9000 while holding the SESSIONS, FXCHAINS and ALGORITHMS keys.  You can release the keys after the Eventide logo appears on the screen (a few seconds).

If this turns out to fix the issue, I think we will need to consider adding a "Shutdown" command in the H9000 system.

Hi JBamberg,

thanx for your fast reply.
I made the full reset, hacked in the wifi pw, importetd my data from the usb-stick and rebooted.
Now everything is back to normal, the H9000 obeys as it should 😉

Kind regards from Munich/Germany,