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Nima Chatrsimab wrote:


Luckily I saw this topic here and could follow the instructions. It took me a few hours and I feel this should have been done by now. This issue was reported in June and we have October now and this problem doesn't seem to be solved. I contacted Eventide support and they told me to write it down here again… Feels like the Ping Pong Delay Fx becomes a real thing 😉 So when can H9000R users expect a proper installation for Mac OS Catalina?

Hi there,

Sorry you've been running into this issue – just to clarify, is your issue with updating an H9000R from 1.1 to 1.2, and were you able to resolve this using Recovery Mode as described in the post from June?  Versions 1.2 and above should be fully compatible with Catalina.