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studionebula wrote:

Here’s another humble request for porting the Ultrashifter algorithms to the H9000. It’s faintly ironic that I had an H8000FW for about ten years but to my recollection I almost never used these algorithms. I sold the H8000 after buying the H9000. Tonight I was reading through the presets in the old H8000 manual (because they’re cough cough easier to find in that manual if you’re browsing) and several of the Ultrashifter-based algorithms sound like they’d be useful for a piece I’m working on. But alas…

I’ll put in a vote for the restoration of custom scales, although I realize that there are probably even fewer people who use those than the Ultrashifter.


Duly noted. We hear you. Re: UltraShifter – I didn’t want to do a direct port of the original Ultrashifter b/c it was designed for 2 tandem 24 Mhz fixed point processors and had at least a 50 msec latency, not super real-time for a formant preserving/manipulating pitchshifter. So we’re starting over for the new ARM processors. Good news is there’s a lot more research out there as a starting point compared to almost 20 years ago! I don’t have a timeline unfortunately, but it’s on the list.

Customshift for custom scales will most likely come first. It’s also on the updates list.