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Hi Stevie, Software 1.3.0(10) (eab755234) is the firmware on your H9000R. The latest version of Emote is 1.3.0[12], which you can download from the Eventide website, if you haven't already done so. On a Mac, for example, you can control+click on the application icon and choose "Get Info" to see what version you're on.

Some indication of how you're using your H9000R would be helpful. Are you routing signal directly from an audio track or are you using buses and inserts? I checked 3311 and it's working fine on my end. In my setup, for example, I have a synth on an audio track and I'm busing signal from it to an Auxiliary track whose input is set to the same bus. The H9000 appears as an insert on that aux track. I'm able to hear the algorithm auto-panning correcting. Please check to make sure you're sending audio to the appropriate I/O from within your DAW. A good tool to use to make sure signal is being routed properly are the meters on the PARAMETERS tab on Emote. You'll be able to tell if the H9000R is receiving signal from Cubase as well as sending out signal from the effect back into Cubase. Let me know what problems you run into.