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Jake Vell

Thank you kindly for your reply

I have looked at the Routing app. it appears to be different than the options shown on the H8000 screen, which shows 10 through 28. The app shows 10 through 22 and they are listed differently. I see 2 on the app showing sp/dif routing. They show using sp/dif 1/2 but the manual says use 3/4 for professional sp/dif use. That’s how i have it set for clock source.

I want to have the sp/dif and analog routed parallel. I ‘ve looked many times at the manual.  I have a bad eyesight and read with only one eye. I wish there was just a screen shot of each panel showing whqt each one should be set for . I can see how it works visually better than read words

I could also greatly appreciate a verbal description of how to set up Logic X aux channels to receive both Virtual synth tracks, as well as ,for audio analog recording.

I know the eventide is a very complex piece if gear but I’ve owned and more easily operated the DSP 4500 and the orville and never had such problems just to get a sound to even begin a starting point from. Eight months later still trying to get a single sound working correctly in Eventide / Logic set up

Thank you for having the patience of a saint,