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      Jake Vell


      I recently purchased an H8000 and although I’ve gone through the manual and thought I had the settings , or at least close enough to get a preset to make a sound I still cannot get it working.

      I want to have both analog and s/ddif routing to record in logic both Virtual synths and analog external instruments such as Guitar

      I have a Soundcraft spirit M 8 channel mixer.

      TC Electronic 24 Konnekt sound card

      Evenbtide H8000 FW

      Macbook Pro OS 10.13

      Logic Pro X


      Here’s the routing and settings set up as I have gotten it so far:


      XLR cables going to input channels 1 & 2 from H8000 going to 1 & 2 outputs on the TC sound card

      XLR cables 1 & 2 outputs on H8000 going to 3 & 4 inputs on TC Electronic.

      SP/Dif cables connected to Eventide.

      Under SETUPS on H8000 I have for SOURCE – S/DIF 3/4 and it dhows it on the right panel as “OK”

      it shows to be locked in the app for TC sound card…BUT there is no signal showing under the S/DIF channel in the TC app

      I woinder is the problem the cables are not 75 ohm S/DIF cables even though I bought them as coaxial cables?

      Under Inputs on H8000 I have DIN 1/2 S/DIF 1/2

      DIN 11/12 S/DIF 3/4

      Under SETUP > FORMAT I have DOUT 1/2 AES 1/2

      Under H8000 INPUTS I have analog in – 1,2,3,4  / s/dif in 3,4,3,4 going IN to 5,6.7.8

      H8000 MAIN OUTS are going to OUT 1,2,3,4 > out 1,2,3,4 – Main Out. 5,6,7,8 > Out 5,6,7,8

      Under H8000 DSP B I have S/DIF in3,4,3,4 going > IN 1,2,3,4

      DSP B going OUT to 1,2,3,4 and IN to IN 1,2,3,4

      In LOGIC i don’t see any AUX tracks appear for s/dif as I used to see when I had a DSP 4500 and an Orville

      Nothing I try for routing seems to give any signal for H8000 s/dif

      I do see an analog signal coming into Logic and can play a synth on a logic track and get a signal coming through H8000 on channels 5,6,7,8

      But there i no presets sounds heard.

      I also do not see any signal coming into TC Sound card S/Dif channel as shown in the TC computer App.

      WHEW !!

      Ideally, I want to get both S/dif and analog working so I can record using external gear with stomp box ( including Eventide on audio tracks

      along with S/dif set up to record Digital tracks with Virtual synths.

      Ideally I also want to have the H8000 and stomp boxes routed through the Soundcraft Mixer

      My TC electronic card is temporary as my RME is currently being repaired

      I’ve tried for weeks and weeks to get this working and still I can’t get it. In the process Firewire has broken twice and the H8000

      has been twice to Eventide repair (


      Hope you can help !!


      Thank you !

      J Bell


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      Eventide Staff

      I would suggest you use the H8000 Routing utility – this makes it much easier to see what goes where.

      H8000FW Support | Eventide (eventideaudio.com)

      Also, your H8000 may have two S/PDIFs – make sure you are using the right one.


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      Jake Vell

      Thank you kindly for your reply

      I have looked at the Routing app. it appears to be different than the options shown on the H8000 screen, which shows 10 through 28. The app shows 10 through 22 and they are listed differently. I see 2 on the app showing sp/dif routing. They show using sp/dif 1/2 but the manual says use 3/4 for professional sp/dif use. That’s how i have it set for clock source.

      I want to have the sp/dif and analog routed parallel. I ‘ve looked many times at the manual.  I have a bad eyesight and read with only one eye. I wish there was just a screen shot of each panel showing whqt each one should be set for . I can see how it works visually better than read words

      I could also greatly appreciate a verbal description of how to set up Logic X aux channels to receive both Virtual synth tracks, as well as ,for audio analog recording.

      I know the eventide is a very complex piece if gear but I’ve owned and more easily operated the DSP 4500 and the orville and never had such problems just to get a sound to even begin a starting point from. Eight months later still trying to get a single sound working correctly in Eventide / Logic set up

      Thank you for having the patience of a saint,



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      Eventide Staff

      You keep calling it H8000, but I understand that you have an H8000FW. Make sure that the Routing App is set for H8000FW, not H8000, as they are quite different.


      Do you have an effective MIDI or USB connection, such that the H8000FW settings match those on the Routing App ?



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      Jake Vell
      Thanks, I did set the Routing app to H8000FW and now I do see the matching 10-28 settings


      I have The TC electronic Konnekt 24 connected to my Macbook pro via firewire. but I do see the settings on the eventide  app now

      matching what is on the H8000FW


      I do have an Emagic Unitor 8 for MIDI but it is not connected yet. Also have a Soundcraft Spirit M8 Mixer to be connected in the loop also evebntually


      would I choose #18 Analog&SPDIF 8 Track ? – if I have cables  set up for using sp/dif and analog. ?

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      Eventide Staff

      The factory routings are in many cases a starting point. Pick the one that is closest to what you want and tweak it as appropriate.

      In most cases, using the Routing App makes it much more obvious what is happening.


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      Jake Vell

      I see only one option that uses SP/DIF and that’s # 18. It also calls for using Firewire –

      I need to get a firewire cable that fits this connection

      I did discover that one Firewire channel is working. I assume I connect the Firewire to the TC Soundcard ?

      With the DSP 4500 it was easy to get SP/DIF connected and working. The advantage for me was, I could record and bounce VIRTUAL tracks easily in Logic.

      If I don’t use firewire and Sp/dif, Is there a way to use an analog set up in H8000FW and route that into a Digital Virtual track in Logic ?

      and therefore not need SP/DIF ?

      If So, How?


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      Jake Vell


      I’m posting this to say I did order and try new SP/DIF and Firewire cables because I see in the routing app that the only option

      for routing sp/dif is number 18 which appears o also require a firewire cable.

      I contacted Jerome at Eventide with the following message as I’ve been in contact with Him in the past (* it will explain to you what I’ve tried since our last message here) I’ve sent this H8000FW to Eventide for repair twice already.

      I’m not here complaining. I really would just like to find the best option available to me if there are any left with two non functioning Eventides, that are in n o condition to resell,  therefore out the cash to buy anything as a replacement.

      here is my message to Jerome


      Hi Jerome,


      I’m writing you again here, several weeks later. Still no progress with The H8000FW. I thought I might be able to get the SP/DIF

      to work but this too is not working. I thought it was because I am routing it wrong. I checked the manual for all Sp/dif connections and routing.

      I got it to lock in the sound card but still no signal can be seen in the sp/dif channel in the sound card app. I figured it must be the routing in Eventide. I contacted Eventide forum.

      I even bought new Sp/dif cables to be sure this was not the problem. No success. At one point I had even tried setting just a firewire cable directly to Mac and nothing else.

      At first I did see the connection being made in DICE app. I was surprised. it seemed to be working. When I tried again – nothing. Now for whatever reason, even when being careful to not hotswap

      turning everything off first, when I boot up the H8000 with just a cable from firewire to Mac, oddly the first four channels in the LED screen on the H8000 show a signal

      going into the orange, when there is nothing connected to make a signal.


      I’ve considered what you had suggested about getting the  USB/Thunderbolt interface to use the analog IO. The question is, that I’m recording virtual synth tracks in Logic, and when I

      had th 4500 working fine, I would just use two aux tracks for the 4500 for the virtual synths and then bounce the recording in real time to capture the 4500 presets sounds.


      So I’m not sure how the USB/Thunderbolt might help me.


      I’ve owned four Eventides including a dual DSP Orville. I’ve never had such issues as I’ve had with this H8000FW.

      I would love to see an expert take this unit,  set it up and get one preset working using analog and also SP/Dif and record one sound, one preset on one track in logic.

      At this point It seems I have two very expensive lovely hood ornaments. If there was anyone with a professional studio close enough where I lived I would pay them to take this H8000Fw and see if they

      could actually set up and route this H8000FW using a simple sound card with Mac running Logic X to produce one preset sound heard with the quality (that is why we’ve spent

      this amount of time and money on  Eventides ) to see if they can get any sound to be heard and successfully routed in both H8000 and in Logic..

      I would be very impressed and very amazed if they could.


      The reason I love Eventides is because they bring life to otherwise rather “dead” sounding digital recordings, at least to my ears. Now I have 2 dead Eventides and

      Out the money to buy any option and neither one of these can be represented in any condition for resale.


      When there is such a market for vintage gear and even the older eventides like the 3000 are still sought after, why there seems to be so little options or interest anywhere

      for repair of the DSP 4500 which is really all I wanted in the first place, and such difficulty getting this H8000FW in any kind of working order.

      If there are any last options for a reasonable solution I would appreciate knowing if indeed you know of what might still be possible


      Thank you for taking the time to read this


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      Eventide Staff

      I'm afraid that this is probably one of those problems that cannot be fixed without being there. Sorry.

      I would suggest that you try and find a local technician to look at your system.

      If you think the unit is faulty, you should send it in (again) with a very clear description of the simplest possible setup to illustrate the problem.


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