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Eventide Staff
J20056 wrote:
This is for a guitar rig. I am sort of giving up on having the ability to use PC to load different sessions. for the H9000R, as it’s clearly not a priority.

The H9000/R is first and foremost a studio effects platform, so it’s MIDI capabilities work differently than other processors. The best way to make it work in a guitar rig is using its “Scenes” feature. Every Session that is loaded has 128 scenes you may access live using program changes. Pages 45-48 of the user manual explain how to use them.

J20056 wrote:
I see that I can assign the Mute/Unmute button of each algo via. CC midi message, but my pedalboard can only send 2 CC messages for each preset.

The limitation of your MIDI controller to only send two CC messages is not going to make it possible to have the control you need. I recommend RJM, GigRig, Musicomlab, or Morningstar products to get you easily programmable CC messaging architecture.

J20056 wrote:
So I am wondering how I could send as many as 16 CC’s so that given preset can turn on or off any algo in the overall chain?

If getting a new MIDI controller is not an option, may I suggest using the “Scenes” capabilities mentioned earlier. You can program Scenes for each instance or chains of FX, bypassed, activated, or muted, and recall them with one button. Storing is easy with the Scenes capture options available. In other words, you do not need to program presets for every instance. You can let the machine take a snapshot and store it into a scene. Manual explains it simply.