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@joecozzi: I am using a H9000R as mentioned in the title. There is no possibility to use Scenes with the R unit, only the H9000 via front panel, as Emote currently has no concept of Scenes. I have been waiting for this for 18 months now, so I am patient (and let’s face it, I am Eventide for life no matter what), and I was hoping it would be this Christmas, but I guess 2020 is a s**t year from all angles :(.

This is why I was investigating Midi CC to Mute/Unmute algos as part of a big session that would have all my algos loaded. This would make switching faster as I obviously have no way (yet) of knowing how fast loading a scene takes when switching presets live from a pedalboard via PC/Scenes. I know guys like John Petrucci use the AxeFX only for FX, and he has one large algo with all FX and he turns some pedals ON/Off without having to reload the whole algo.

So I’d be open to a similar approach (which only needs CC, not PC) , although ideally, I’d use Scenes via Emote/Midi and hopefully it’s super fast to load.

I guess I’ll keep waiting, I remember someone mentioning that Emote Scenes would be in the 1.4 beta, so if it is, then by all means, make me e beta tester…