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Eventide Staff
gregsinibaldi wrote:

I noticed that too on p. 23 and am not sure whats wrong with the digital input signal. I'll see what the Focusrite folks have to say. 


Try different (not long) cables. If possible, try a loopback (bypassing the Eclipse) using the original send cable and see if you get a return signal.

gregsinibaldi wrote:

I can confirm that Clock is set to DigIn and DigIn is set to RCA. I do note that the Clock is says "DigIn…….. kHz". I'm assuming that the Eclipse is expecting a particular sample rate? Is that what the periods mean?  


Not so – the periods mean that it is not seeing an input signal so can't measure the sample rate.
gregsinibaldi wrote:

Yes that's correct I set everything to 48kHz, only because I thought that was best for SPDIF. But I can try it at 44.1. Do I have the concept correct? I can use SPDIF to send audio out form the DAW and back?

You have the concept and you can. 48K should be OK – the higher rates can be marginal with S/PDIF.