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tbskoglund wrote:

mistermartin wrote:

Hello, is there any documentation regarding the Looper capabilities in the H9000? for instance: Can I use several looper instances at the same time? Can I process the Looper audio while using the Looper(s)? – Thanks

You can certainly use multiple instances of a looper within an FX chain (or in separate FX chains) and then process the looped audio with other algorithms. 


Is there something specific you are trying to achieve? There are many routing possibilities that you can accomplish with the H9k if you want to have multiple instances of loopers being processed by different FX chains etc. 



Thanks so much for the answer. I had hoped that the H9k would provide these possibilities. I have ordered it, but it hasn’t arrived yet. 


Of big interest for me is: what is the maximum capacity of the H9k?


– 4 simultaneous/parallel stereo loops?


– each of these 4 loops can be processed by how many effects?


– what would be the maximum length of each of the stereo loops at 48khz?



I think an answer to these questions would give me a good picture of what is possible. Thanks!