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John Baylies

> Of big interest for me is: what is the maximum capacity of the H9k?

The H9K's maximum capacity is 16 algorithms. 4 algorithms for each of the 4 FX Chains.


>4 simultaneous/parallel stereo loops?

16 simultaneous stereo loops. 4 for each of the 4 FX Chains.


– each of these 4 loops can be processed by how many effects?

If you have one loop in each FX Chain, then each loop can be processed by 3 algorithms.

– what would be the maximum length of each of the stereo loops at 48khz?

The maximum loop length is 176s at 48kHz, or 88s at 96kHz.

Keep in mind that it is not yet possible to natively route audio from one FX Chain to another. Currently, if you would like to route audio from one FX Chain to another, you must use the Dante expansion card, or an external audio interface. More info here: https://www.eventideaudio.com/community/forum/rackmount/emote-inter-connecting-fx-chains You could also plug a single ADAT cable into the H9K's ADAT input and output, and use that.