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Hello, my eclipse ist from 2018 and at several programs I got the same unwanted distortion. My signalchain is RME-Fireface 802 -> ADAT -> eclipse. I played a Gibson Les Paul direct into the RME with about -18db. This is the level I’ll send to the eclipse. When I check the several level meter, the eclipse shows me maximum -12db. The program 224 ChorusSpace2 is loaded. The space algorythm is aon FXA. I found out, when I lower “Decay” from 93% to 80% in the master of FXA, the distortion went off. When I raise to 100% the distortion is very heavy. It seem, the higher the decay the space algotithm rock up. @eventide stuff: Please would you be so kind and check this if it is possible for you. Thanks in advance. Yours Thomas