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tbskoglund wrote:

Emote as a plug-in will recall your DAW’s session data, so when you load a project in your DAW of choice the H9000 should automatically recall the corresponding session and settings for that project. If Emote isn’t recalling sessions properly then you could be experiencing a bug. What DAW are you using? 


When you open a DAW project, Emote should display a pop-up menu that says “Emote holds state date for (your H9000) Do you want to restore it? If you choose to discard the stored session data will be lost” If you select “Restore” then the corresponding H9000 session for your DAW project will load.  


Another advantage of using Emote as a plug-in versus the standalone app are the automation features. 

Thanks for the info…

I’m using Logic Pro but the emote plugin wasn’t always doing that, so I reinstalled it (Emote 1.3.0[12]) and restated my Mac and now it’s working as you describe. yes