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Eventide Staff

Splendid! I’m glad it’s working now and you’ve updated.

JKShark wrote:
Yes. I am connected to wifi. The fact that the Emote VST can control the H9000 is evidence that they are working (as they can only work over wifi I believe).

There are various ways you can connect to the H9000 – Using the provided wifi dongle and creating a local access point, via Wifi, and using Ethernet. However, only connecting to the actual internet will allow a user to find the updates.

I have some Sessions where I use a hardwired Ethernet connection with my laptop when I’m performing, and others programmed to use wifi when I’m at home in my studio. If I forget to load the Session with the right Network settings, I may run into the situation you had here.

Eventide is aware of this and working on a solution to have Emote communicate needing to connect to the internet.