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zazula wrote:

The plugin seems to only display that alert when you open it.  So, if you open a Logic project and don’t open the plugin, it does not change the settings.

Worse yet, when you subsequently save the Logic Pro file, it writes out the existing state, overwriting whatever you had before.

I have a directory full of random Emote plug-in states as a result.  Good thing I saved out my session files to disk in parallel.

I submitted this info with a video showing the problem in action to Eventide support.

So basically we’d need a setting option inside the H9000 to “Always init H9000 with DAW/Emote settings” that would disable the popup altogether and always load DAW settings without user confirmation.

It would be even better if Emote / H9000 would also have an option to automatically save a backup of the settings before loading them from DAW/Emote. In case there is a mismatch between DAW/Emote and H9000 settings that is.