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ARGH! Well that’s sad that you can’t get this kind of info. Since the last post asking the question, I have sold the unit. However, I of course fixed the problem of the non working switch before the sale. Here’s how you do it on the fly:

First of all, buy a can of DeOxit5. Accept no less. Remove the screws holding the faceplate. Gently pull the face plate (with the faceplate electronics) from the unit and place the unit upside down.The face plate is only going to come out about 1/2″ before it’s going to start complaining. Anyway, douche each switch with a blast of DeOxit5 on the low setting. Let it sit there upside down for awhile. While the switch looks sealed, they aren’t 100% completely sealed, SOME cleaning vapors will still leach into the switch. It will be enough to help electrical contacts inside the switch. I’ve done this many many times for pots inside analog mixers, it’s amazing how that stuff can penetrate inside. If that doesn’t fix the problem do it again. If that doesn’t work let it sit overnight before you give up. This method completely made my non functional switch work again.