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Eventide Staff

Hi, sorry about the connection issues you’ve been having. 


Regarding which Emote/H9000R software you are running: 


If you boot your H9000R in access point mode, the software version will be displayed at the top center of the Devices page in Emote.


To view your Emote software version, hover your mouse over the blue Eventide logo (don’t click) and it will appear. 


Can you please try performing the network handshake again? 

Boot up the unit while holding down the Network key (hold the Network key before pressing the power switch,) connect to Emote via access point mode, and then switch the network to ethernet if it hasn’t already been done already. 


More information about this can be found here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/com.eventide.downloads/Product+Manuals/H9000RAddendum.pdf


Please let me know if that fixes your issue.