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floresp640 wrote:

Hi Ralph,


We are so happy to hear that you recieved your H9000! 


So the issue is Mono In-Stereo Out. We are working to make this easier but as a work around right now here is what you can do:

-Go to the Expert Router once you are in the algorithms page in the H9000.

-You’ll notice that your input 1 is only connected to one input of your loaded algorithm instead of being connected to both inputs.

-From there, highlight the 2nd input of the loaded algorithm and press ‘Add’. This will draw a connection from your Mono-in of the FX Chain to the Input 2 of your loaded algorithm. 

-This will now succesfully give you a Mono-in, Stereo-out signal flow


Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please email me at Pflores@eventide.com and i would be happy to help! 



Have you guys implemented a way to do this that is easier, within Emote?  I don’t see an option in any of the updates.  I use this with a lot of mono gear (eurorack) so would be ideal to simplify the process.  Thanks.