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amop wrote:

floresp640 wrote:

Hi Ralph,


We are so happy to hear that you recieved your H9000! 


So the issue is Mono In-Stereo Out. We are working to make this easier but as a work around right now here is what you can do:

-Go to the Expert Router once you are in the algorithms page in the H9000.

-You'll notice that your input 1 is only connected to one input of your loaded algorithm instead of being connected to both inputs.

-From there, highlight the 2nd input of the loaded algorithm and press 'Add'. This will draw a connection from your Mono-in of the FX Chain to the Input 2 of your loaded algorithm. 

-This will now succesfully give you a Mono-in, Stereo-out signal flow


Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please email me at Pflores@eventide.com and i would be happy to help! 



Have you guys implemented a way to do this that is easier, within Emote?  I don't see an option in any of the updates.  I use this with a lot of mono gear (eurorack) so would be ideal to simplify the process.  Thanks.

Yes this is very simple to do in Emote. 

Start with your mono source from whichever physical input you are using at the top section of the page. You can mult a single input to multiple destinations in an FX Chain, so in this instance you will take your mono input source and mult it to 2 input sources of the FX Chain. From here, you can process your mono source through stereo algorithms and output it in stereo. 

Let me know if that makes sense, if you'd like I can upload a picture of the routing in Emote to help clarify this.