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Eventide Staff
tmoravan wrote:

Yes, my summary question is — if we install the pre-amp board, do we now have 16 separate analog inputs or still just 8?

I guess it may come down to whether the pre-amp board has its own A/D converters or does it plug into the existing analog bus and use the converters already present.

I think it would be a lower cost if it used the existing converters and was purely a pre-amp analog board.  We wouldn’t have lost anything (still have 8 analog inputs) and if they use a DB25 connector for the new board, it’s simple matter of installing the board and attaching our existing DB25 connector to the new board instead of to the mainframe.

The card will have its own converters and it will create additional analog channels, independent of the 8 channels of IO built into the main board, so yes, with one of the cards installed there will be more than 8 analog inputs.  (You can also add multiple cards for more analog channels if you have free expansion slots).