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tbskoglund wrote:

joeydego wrote:
I see many algos have some external control like stops/starts and fader functions. Is it possible to use my Akai MPD 226 for this? Every button and fader is assignable on it.

Yes, assigning and customizing MIDI settings on the H9000 is very simple. Start by plugging your MPD directly into any of the H9k USB ports.

On the front panel: Go to the PARAMETERS page and select the Quick Map soft key. Highlight a parameter and press “Enter to Learn” and move whatever your desired MIDI CC is. That’s it! 

In Emote: CTRL+click the parameter that you want to control via MIDI and a popup menu will come up on the right side of the screen. From here, the easiest way to map is to click “Learn” and it will function the same way as quick map on the front panel. 

There’s more to it but that should get you started with MIDI mapping parameters with your MPD. Does that answer your question? 

I do also have a NI Komplete Kontrol 61 key MKII in my ecosystem here. Not sure if this can handle double duty this way, either.