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nickrose wrote:

We recommend that you pick an unused card of a good brand and DO NOT FORMAT IT. For earlier versions, it MUST be below 2MB; 64-512MB is best.

See earlier posts for more information.

See other information on the Web Site concerning the bootloader. DO NOT update it unless these instructions say you should.



I guess you meant below 2Gb, right? In fact the one I’m using is an 1Gb Sandisk (which is the recommended brand on your site).

So you think the card size is the issue? I can possibily get a new 128 or 512 Mb and try again…

Also, about the bootloader, I downloaded the latest version from the Download section, and the filename reads “eclipseboot121mac” which I guess is the same version as the one I have on my Eclipse (v 1.21), is that correct? In that case my bootloader is the latest and cannot be updated, is this right?