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John Baylies wrote:

What happens when you click the ‘ping’ button mentioned in the video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=189&v=H-N-9AGlrXk&feature=youtu.be

Things look a bit different in Cubase 11 than they did in that video. The ping function is a larger button that reads Measure Delay. When I click it, it turns white for about 1 second, but after this the delay reading does not change. It still says 0.00ms.

My guess is that this means I am not actually getting a signal into and back out of the H9000, but I followed Ondo’s directions.

My understanding is that this method completely bypasses TotalMix. The signal flow is Cubase out to ADAT > H9000 > ADAT > Cubase. So IOW it doesn’t matter what my TotalMix settings are….Cubase has assumed control of the designated ADAT ports, and TotalMix plays no part in the process. So I don’t understand why signal would not be going through the H9000.