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wvought wrote:
joeydego wrote:

What is precluding you from simply setting the H9000 up as a midi device?

Probably nothing other than my own inability to understand the process of setting up a MIDI device in Cubase. I attempted to do this months ago, but got nowhere.

And of course the fact that Greg Ondo is able to adjust for latency without going through the trouble of setting up the external effect as a MIDI device. The method shown in his video is straightforward and works well (for him), so I’ve been trying to get that to work for me.

On page 37 of the Cubase Pro 11 Operation Manual, under the heading Setting up External Effects, it states:

“Delay compensation is only applied for the effect when you use MIDI devices.” 

But Greg Ondo would beg to differ.

If I get time I’ll take another look at setting up a MIDI device. But if Eventide ever gets the aforementioned DAW mode working, that would do an end run around the whole issue.

Just remember once daw mode is introduced you still need to factor in the latency introduced by the interface. I learned this was an issue when pipeline returned a negative number and asked how that can be possible.