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klango wrote:


I have a session consisting of  2 fx chains. The first one consists of three "TwoReversedelays" algos. After saving the session to my computer and and opening it up again, the second and third of the algos have forgotten their specified delay settings, the first one remembered it. Any ideas? Thank you very much!


H9000R / Emote 1.3

Hi, I just tried reproducing this and I wasn't able to. When I save a session with multiple instances of "Two Reversedelays" all of the algorithms' parameters are saved and recalled correctly. Could you either upload your session file here or email it to me directly at tskoglund@eventide.com

Have you tried re-saving the session with a different name and seeing if it will recall correctly? You could also try recreating the FX chain from a blank slate and re-saving the session and see if the issue is still happening. 

Let me know if either of those suggestions fix the issue.