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I’m having the same exact problem again, but with Windows.  I haven’t had to deal with this for a while, but had to move my equipment and re-wire everything, so back to this again.

Windows 10, 64gb RAM, Emote 1.3.0[12], Ethernet connection to H9000R, H9000R shows as an audio device in Windows but does not appear in Emote, ADAT will not sync with Focusrite Clarett like it usually does.  

I’ve followed all of the rebooting, pinhole protocols, restarted device and PC, refreshed DNS. Nothing is working.

Any advice would be appreciated

I forgot to mention that the instructions in the H9000R addendum mentions nothing about having to enter a network key in order to connect to the ad-hoc network (in the “setting up an H9000R with a wireless connection” of the H9000R addendum).

Obviously, this is very confusing.  Has anyone had to do this before?

Thanks in advance


Ive never seen it ask for a network Key, no. I do however suspect there’s something a bit wonky with the auto connect feature. I cant back that up with evidence and its only a suspicion. I get emote crashes from time to time, more so with VST but sometimes stand alone, too. I find with auto connect it seems to crash more often. My only solution for now is a reboot which you know is time to go grab a coffee and hope for the best launching emote again. I’m hard wired with an Ethernet cable, too. I’d say its 80% stable though and support has acknowledged some room for improvement here so I’m happy enough with that. 


It turns out after all the troubleshooting (rebooting, recovery and all) a ton with support, that it was a hardware issue, not software.  Finally, the issue is fixed after being down a week plus.  So grateful