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The H9 Max has a total of 52 algorithms, all of which you’ll find on the H9000. However, it is not possible to load any of the other 1,350 or so algorithms that are in the H9000 into an H9. If you utilize H9 algorithms within the H9000 to produce your music, then it is possible to recreate this FX Chain with multiple H9’s; of course, an H9 can only reproduce one algorithm at a time, so it means having as many H9’s as you have algorithms in the chain. Also, you must consider if your effects are running in parallel in your H9000, which means you would have to find a mixer (or pedal switcher with these capabilities) to route the H9’s in a similar manner.

Note: You can get an H9 Max and three H9 Cores, and you’ll be able to convert those Core units into Max’s by registering them to the same account. This will allow you to run 4 algorithms simultaneously like you would on an H9000.