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nickrose wrote:

belensky wrote:

Alright, how many P I should let Eclipse go up for? 

Let it run overnight, or all weekend if you are so inclined.


I tried very hard (no luck) to find out the total number of tests the Eclipse runs. Mine has reached 20,775 after approx. ten days and is still going on.

Is there any specific info about the combination: power on + numeric pad. For instance, the current test my Eclipse is running (004 Test Ram ALL) is not mentioned in the UM. Only by chance I stumbled upon this thread and found your description of the internal testing process.

By the way, I bought a second hand unit (v 2.0) and upgraded it in two steps: v.2 to 3.5.1 to 4.01. Everything seemed to be working OK but – erratically – the unit would freeze, etc. etc. To cut the long story short, and after reading some hundred threads, I thought it wise to run the entire RAM test before sending the Eclipse to America.

The German service does not seem to be the right option either:


My final questions:

Is it necessary/useful to run the entire RAM test?

Will it stop when reaching 99,999 or is there x,xxx,xxx?

Thank you very much