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nickrose wrote:

My guess is that you have some routing or connection issue where you are only hearing the dry signal.

This may be specific to certain configurations – for example it probably only occurs on (example) quad presets because you only have a stereo output.

You would need to give examples of the presets that "don't work" along with a complete description of your connections for us to help you.


Yes I kind of thought this was the case. Let me give it another go tomorrow and identify which presets don’t work.
My setup is straightforward analog in and and out on 1&2 connected to a console.

I understand as I read through the manual again and forgive me as I have not paid much attention to this unit recently and have forgot lots of info I read from the manual years ago….
The presets have an I/0 identifier then if I only have analog 1&2 connected isn’t it logic that only presets with an I/O identification of 2/2 will work?

Can you please provide an example of what connection is required for a quad preset to work? I have very limited experience with rack units that have many in and out options. I am used to a simple mono and stereo configuration:)
I plan on connecting analog input 3&4 finally to run programs out on dsp b to make the most of this unit.

Thank you