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AntoineVersace wrote:

nickrose wrote:

An I/O identifier of 22 means that it has 2 inputs and 2 outputs. It doesn’t mean that it only works in stereo, just that if you have more outputs or inputs some may not be active.

To fully use a 44 preset you need 4 inputs and 4 outputs, but you may (or may not) find it useful in a stereo setup – try it and see.


Ok so I only work with mono and stereo sources. I’m struggling to understand when ever I would need to process a sound which uses 4 inputs and outputs? Or even 8 inputs and outputs? 

Sorry if this seems absurd however I am trying to understand once and for all. 


here is the thing, many presets with an I/0 of 44 or 88 do indeed work on only 2 inputs and outputs, I have tried it, so what am I missing out on by only using 2 inputs and outputs on such a preset. 

thanks kindly for your help

I very much appreciate it

Surround sound can be one of many uses. Maybe you only want part of the processed signal to go to its own bus? Maybe you want to be able to take advantage of multiple inputs from different sources and NOT have it as a bus effect?

I too only work in stereo so when I see an algorithm with more than a 2 in 2 out configuration on the H9000, I proceed with caution. Honestly there’s so many algorithms in the box I avoid anything that isn’t 2/2. Is it the same case with the 8000?