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I’m going to add I REALLY love the H9 stuff that has been ported over to the H9000, not sure if this has been done if the 8000. The way you can select mono/stereo sources right in the algorithm along with killdry really makes it simple. Wish I can be of more help, Ive never even seen an 8000 and have no idea what the user interface (or even if a GUI controller) looks like. 

I did ask a while back if every algorithm can be written this way and the answer was no, due to the complexity of some (digging into the unit, MANY) algorithms its not so cut and dry. I get that. Having owned many hardware processors in the past, this is definitely the most complex and and powerful. With great power comes great responsibility! Learning all the ins and outs of all our gear (literally and figuratively) only reaps rewards and eliminates countless hours of “why dont I hear anything”.