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AntoineVersace wrote:

I imagine 9000 is a great machine. I was going to take the plunge but to be honest I own the 3000 and have barely dug into this one. Are the presets on 9000 same as the 8000? Thanks

A couple things — some of the 4/4 or 8/8 presets on the H8000 are very useful in mono or stereo.  You have to read the descriptions in the H8000 Family Presets Manual to see the details.  For example, there are some 8/8 compressors or delays that give you 8 mono channels of a compressor or delay.  Sometimes the description will say what all the I and O is used for, so again, that manual is essential for getting the most out of the H8000.

As far as your other question – the H9000 and H8000 have a lot of the same-named presets.  The hardware and software architectures inside the boxes are different.  Eventide did an excellent job of porting *most* of the H8000 algorithms over to the H9000.  Since the hw and sw are different, not all presets sound exactly the same and there are some that are still missing.  The H9000 Algorithms Manual is a useful guide as to what’s in the box, so you can look up your favorite H8000 presets and see if they are there in the H9000.