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Eventide Staff

Sorry for your updating issues. I don't believe we had any server issues yesterday, I was able to see the new firmware update using both an ethernet-from-router connection and using the Wi-FI dongle and I have been in contact with other H9k users who were able to see the update on their unit. 

This is the general issue with the H9k needing to connect to the internet to see firmware updates; every network configuration is different which makes troubleshooting difficult and that is the reason why the new update process will be done exclusively through Emote. In the future, you shouldn't have any issues seeing firmware updates since they will be done using Emote, so as long as your computer that is running Emote is connected to the internet you should be able to update. 

I'm glad that you were both able to update using the USB updater and we hope that in the future you won't run into issues like this anymore. 

Enjoy the 2.0 beta!