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Hi, could you give me a bit more info? What is the starting point for the session you are saving? Are you saving the current session as something with a new title to the H9k? Or are you saving the session with the same name and overwriting an existing session on the H9k? 

Heres what I did to try and reproduce your issue: 

Start with 1005 STEREO ANALOG, add a new FX Chain, save to H9k as "joey test" 

This has saved the new session to the H9k as "joey test", but I am still using the current modified 1005 STEREO ANALOG session.

When I try load "joey test" I get "the current session has unsaved changes" pop-up because I have modified the 1005 STEREO ANALOG session and saved it as something new. Perhaps this is the part that is confusing you? 

After I've loaded "joey test", if I don't make any changes to the session and save to H9k as something with a new title, or use the same title and overwrite the session, when I try and load the new session I don't get the pop-up because there are no unsaved changes since I didn't modify the session at all. 

Let me know if that clears it up or if I'm doing something different from what you've described.