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Have to add some more information.

the following two tests are 100% showing strange behaviour on my machine.

Please pay attention to the fact that I’m running 4.10 firmware, NOT 4.01


Test one.

0. Remove all cables but MIDI from Eclipse. I removed also all other Midi connection to my RME.

1. Re-initialize holding the 8

2. Set bypass to relais just to have a difference to the factory setup.

3. Save the new setup named Factory Init2 to 001 and 500 (card)

4. Loading the stored setup from the card works perfectly. No troubles here.

5. Dump the new setup only to your computer. I use SysEx Librarian for my Mac which seems to be OK

6. Now play back the sored sysex to Eclipse. It leads to message “Power cycle….”. Do it.

8. At startup I ALWAYS get checksum error…


Test two.

0. Remove ALL cables from the Eclipse

1. Re-initialize the unit.

2. Set the meters to Master out.

3. Load the preset Nr. 901.

4. Now power cycle the unit. The 901 loads automatically as it was active before switching off.

5. As soon the relais clicks, showing the unit is ready, feedback occur, which you can see looking on the meters.


So these are two bugs, which I definitely have on my machine running V4.10.


UPDATE: I wanted to send you a sysex file of THAT patch Nr. 901. Guess what? The unit does not recognise that sysex sent back. All others I tested e.g. 900 and 902 – no problem, but the 901 just beeing ignored. The same for the 917 (also Multi Tap), no response. I mean the unit does not react on these two messages at all. So I believe, the are currupt. Btw. when one of them is loaded, the unit response on buttons is significantly slower than usual. And there are no controllers assigned in contrast to algorithm manual…

And now when I look back, it ALL began as i tried to combine 296 Micropitchshift with some delay, so I took the 901 because it was possible. I dont know why, all others post 900 are not possible. After that I alwas recalled that patch because it was strange, so I wanted to make tests at the weakes point.