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dforman wrote:

tbskoglund wrote:

Hi, sorry for your issue. Are you using Emote 2.0? Do you have multiple Cubase sessions open? 

This is something we'll look into but it may take a little while to get back to you. In the meantime, I would suggest using Emote as a standalone app so it doesn't crash Cubase. 

Yes, I'm using Emote 2.0 and the latest firmware, and I only have one Cubase session open. The plugin works for a while and then does a hard crash, immediately terminating Cubase as well. Cubase identifies Emote as the culprit and it happens even when I only have Emote open. No crashes using Emote in Studio One 5 Pro or Ableton Live 11.

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Hi dforman,

I'm unable to get this issue to happen on my system – I will shoot you an email to get some more details and see if we can track this down.


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