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A couple have come and gone since your post.

If you see a package deal, better to go for that (in most cases) and sell the extra unit if you can’t use it, keeping only the Eve/Net.

The remote is stable and has never glitched out on me in 8 years (since I got it in 2013).

I’ve repaired several, and found them to be easily serviceable.

The encoders are no longer made, so be sure those work before purchasing.

Also, some of the newer H8000FWs have a plug where the Eve/Net port used to be.

Don’t expect to take that plug off and find an RS-232 port -it is ABSENT from the motherboard, which was not conveyed to users.

I suppose that fell under, “Company has the right to make changes without notice, etc…”

So be sure you have a PORT before going forward.

Analog Desserts is good, but nothing fully replaces an Eve/Net.

Seemed like an excessive expenditure in the beginning, but running the H8000FW without leaving the listening position with (8) dedicated encoders available…

Get the remote!