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      Hi all…I’m late to the party but just got an H8000FW and really enjoying getting to know it. Because of the placement of my rack, not easy to use the face of the unit for searching presets, tweaking parameters, etc. I’m thinking an eve/net remote might be handy but they’re discontinued and no used ones available for purchase anywhere on the internet. Also looking at analog dessert’s H8000 software remote but seems like it might work slowly and not clear if it will work in my Mac 64bit Catalina world. Anyone have any guidance here?

      If you have an old eve/net that’s not getting a lot of use….I’d also be happy to know that! Thanks all.

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      A couple have come and gone since your post.

      If you see a package deal, better to go for that (in most cases) and sell the extra unit if you can’t use it, keeping only the Eve/Net.

      The remote is stable and has never glitched out on me in 8 years (since I got it in 2013).

      I’ve repaired several, and found them to be easily serviceable.

      The encoders are no longer made, so be sure those work before purchasing.

      Also, some of the newer H8000FWs have a plug where the Eve/Net port used to be.

      Don’t expect to take that plug off and find an RS-232 port -it is ABSENT from the motherboard, which was not conveyed to users.

      I suppose that fell under, “Company has the right to make changes without notice, etc…”

      So be sure you have a PORT before going forward.

      Analog Desserts is good, but nothing fully replaces an Eve/Net.

      Seemed like an excessive expenditure in the beginning, but running the H8000FW without leaving the listening position with (8) dedicated encoders available…

      Get the remote!


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      Wow, Adam, this is extremely useful information. Thanks so much for taking the time. As luck would have it, there is an H8000FW/Eve Net “package” available right now on Reverb and I am going to try to nab it. Based on your advice, I checked the two H8000FWs that I currently own and, lo and behold, one of them has a remote port and one of them doesn’t! Luckily the H8000FW in the Reverb package DOES have a port so I will have two H8000FWs with ports and will be able to control them both with the Eve Net (I think). Thanks again for your help.

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      You got it.

      I know where to get displays for it also, as I aided some guys from the UK in their development, giving them specs and testing them in my Eve/Net. I do not make any money from their sale, just letting you know that you shouldn’t let a washed-out screen discourage you either.

      There is a plastic sheet called a “lens” protecting the screen, just like on Orville/H8K, and that can be replaced with clear presentation cover-sheets, cut to size.

      Should you want to take a “walk” through my studio, you can have a look here: https://youtu.be/v6DtPTS3hSE

      When considering a second-hand H8K, know that the jack was removed beyond SN: FW-1161.


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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry about removing the jack – the main chip that drove it was discontinued by Mr. Intel, and we had no choice but to remove the Eve/Net circuitry. Given the low take-up for Eve/Net, it did not seem worth doing a major redesign to support it further.


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      nickrose wrote:

      Sorry about removing the jack – the main chip that drove it was discontinued by Mr. Intel, and we had no choice but to remove the Eve/Net circuitry. Given the low take-up for Eve/Net, it did not seem worth doing a major redesign to support it further.

      Hey Nick-

      We met at AES in NY, and spent some time talking tech about all things Eventide. Previously we had communicated back and forth through Jerome and directly, fixing a couple of bugs concerning some presets, and one of the “search by” functions on the H8000FW, arriving at version 5.610

      I have been a strong advocate for the rack-mount processors over the years, and know from a technical perspective that they have no competition.

      It wasn’t so much the removal of the Eve/Net port, but (as far as I’m aware) the oversight on the part of the company when it came to mentioning it.

      I was one of the people with an EVE/NET that picked up a third H8000FW expecting to integrate it into my system, only to receive it, remove that black plug and shake my head in disbelief at the fact that the port had been removed.

      Yes, EVE/NET was discontinued (due to the fact that the encoders reached EOL as I was told by Jerome), but there were still those of us who purchased them with the idea of continuing to build-out our Orville/H8000 systems.

      For those uninterested in EVE/NET, this is a non-issue, but for those like myself and the O.P., it is worth noting so informed decisions can be made.

      This is especially true in his case when buying second hand, as returns for something like this can be nightmarish to say the least.

      While we’re at it, speaking of remotes and compatibility…

      I’ve been working with the H9000 for over a year and the last eMote/H9K update apparently does not support Windows 7. This is something worth telling those who run their studios offline on a stable system without, “upgrading” on a constant basis.

      Previous Eventide software (VSig for example), remained backwards-compatible with Windows 3.1

      After downgrading back to the “last-known good” versions of eMote/H9K that worked on my system, they still will not communicate and eMote keeps crashing.

      At this point, even tech-support does not know how to rectify this, leaving me with the choice of exclusively testing the H9K from the front panel, or changing my whole offline system over to Windows 10.

      I am aware that the thinking of the public at large, and the rate of technological advance has changed significantly since I began doing this in 2004.

      However, it would help the few of us left out there if Eventide would either still consider backwards compatibility (RME is a champion when it comes to this), or would state publicly and clearly when a hardware/software revision would significantly affect it.

      That is a policy I’m sure we can all agree would satisfy everyone from the developers to the end-users, and keep redundant tech-support tickets to a minimum.

      …The most diplomatic and efficient solution -at least in my estimation.


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