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Stephen Lory wrote:
The ‘squealing’ is probably the result of having your hardware output faders in RME TotalFX too high. The Eclipse sums analog and digital outputs. As a result if you can forgo plugging a guitar into the Eclipse, you will simplify your process.

Hi Stephen, thank you for your reply, but no, the problem is not related to RME. If you read my test description, you’ll see that I disconnected all cables and even re-initialized units. The “squealing” happened already on earlier software versions and is documented in Release Notes for Eclipse V4.01 and listed under Fixes:

“Preset 901, “TF 1:2 Multitap”, can produce a loud feedback-like sound on loading. “

Why it happens again unser V4.10 is unclear for me. Btw. the “squealing” could be verified by me on two new units running V4.10.

At the end, it’s not a big trouble at all, whenn you know, that it is only a software issue. The problem IS that I spent so much time and energy to find it out. I had to send my first Eclipse back and wait for about two months for the replacement. angry