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bohan wrote:

ekg wrote:

will it be possible at some in the future that the H9 sends out the CCs when changed via the Controlapp and when changing presets? That would be freakn’ wonderful heavenly wonderful.

My last post was not accurate. I meant to say “H9 can currently send out MIDI CCs when you change presets with Aux Switches”. On the pedal, it can be programmed to send only PC (not CC) when a program is loaded on the pedal or via MIDI.

Thank you bohan,

well, I found a setting option [XMT.PC] , but when enabled and I change presets nothing is sent out.

I only found documentation in the release notes: https://www.eventideaudio.com/support/downloads/release-notes-v5851

Maybe I should explain a liitle bit what I wanna do: I have a CC Max4Live unit in ableton and bound to CC 21-30, those are mapped to a rotary controller. I use an old phone to display the Control app. 

now I want to control the parameters with the real-knob controller, that works perfectly fine!

What does not work yet: when I switch to a preset the knobs in ableton do not know how they are in the pedal. so if I turn a knob then, parameters jump. It would be great that if a preset is changed, the pedal sends out the actual vlaues of the CCs and my rotary controllers would reflect the changes and I could take it seamlessly from there.

Also great would be if a change from the control app would be sent out as cc’s as well…..

Thank you for your help.