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Matthias Adloff
wvought wrote:

On page 37 of the Cubase Pro 11 Operation Manual, under the heading Setting up External Effects, it states:

“Delay compensation is only applied for the effect when you use MIDI devices.” 

But Greg Ondo would beg to differ.

Greg is right. You don’t need to set up a MIDI device for full latency compensation.

First you need to measure the latency in Cubase/Nuendo. Set all Algorithms to BYPASS, hit measure and you’re fine to go. It does not work reliably (or does not work at all) with an algorithm loaded. The BYPASS will not change the latency except for algorithms that introduce pre-listening, but okay, only a few old mastering plugins in the H9000 use pre-listening. Today in 2021 with all those superior dynamic processing plugins, you will not need those anyways.

Second select the external FX you just created as an insert.

That’s all. The H9000 will be in sync. The measuring from Cubase/Nuendo is obviously sample accurate. Please see the screenshot attached: The upper track is the original file, the second is a copy with “Render in place” performed and an H9000 delay inserted. As you can see, it’s perfect. The lower level is introduced by the effect itself, so please ignore that.