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moschops wrote:


Thanks, yes something to show progress would be helpful to not erase unsaved data.

Still don't understand why if say you only change 1 parameter value it takes so long to save, can't just the changed/unsaved values be saved rather than everything from the start?

Even if you are just changing one parameter, you are still telling the H9000 to capture the entire scene, so it will take a bit of time for the full capture to happen. 

You could always build your scenes by adding individual actions such as loading a single FX chain or algorithm. 

For example: 

1. Capture your first scene

2. Make a parameter adjustment. Save that as a preset. 

3. Make another scene with an action that loads the preset you just saved. 

4. Now, when you load the 2nd scene, you will have the desired preset loaded in the FX chain or algorithm slot you specified when you created the action.