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moschops wrote:

I'm thinking Granular, FFT, new reverb ALG's, stompbox emulations, hardware emulations, a sampler even, solina ensemble?

Tau phaser?

Quadraverb ALG's

Synths maybe, DX7 emulator, use the open source DEXED code.


More algs from the original SP2016

Amp emulations?

Even things like the new MPC update have now got Granular effects included and that's just a drum machine, it's pretty good as well, weird I have to route audio into my MPC to get granular FX even though I have an H9k sitting next to it.

How about employing people specifically to code some new ALG's?


While we are working on new algorithms for the H9000, you may find that it can already accomplish some of the effects you’re looking to achieve: 


Tau phaser – I’m not too familiar with this one, but both Sci-Fi Phaser algorithms are 20-pole phasers. I would also suggest checking out Quad Phaser and Stereoizing Phaser; these can both achieve some pretty extreme effects similar to what I heard from the Tau phaser demos I watched. 


Granular – There are many algorithms capable of granular style effects such as crystals or the reverse delay algs (play around with the xfade or length parameters.) 5435 Large Poly Shift can also get some great sounds when you adjust the splice and length parameters. You can also use the H9 looper algorithm and scrub through your looped audio by adjusting the ply-start and ply-length parameters. 


What sort of granular effects would you like to see on the H9000?